Oh hello, gnarly hunk of teak root.

Yes you do make a pretty good printer stand.

For the past five months Jamie had been using a cardboard box to hold his very large, ugly, government-issue printer/scanner/faxer machine, and it had gradually begun to bother me.

With this in the back of my mind at all times, when I saw a “coffee table” in a shop in Alexandria packed with teak furniture and wood carvings from Bali, I said, “hey, that would make a good printer stand!” and I swear Jamie’s brain exploded, and we couldn’t get it in the car fast enough.

Actually, no…what really happened is: Jamie first took measurements and then we drove away and then he said “we should just get it, right?” and I said “yes” and we turned around, drove back, and then we couldn’t get it in the car fast enough.


Before—and after. It fits perfectly. Also, I cleaned off his desk while he wasn’t looking.

While we were at it, during this second visit in as many hours, we decided that we also needed a huge gnarly hunk of rosewood root weighing approximately 400 pounds for our bedroom. Art.


We had to go back to the store a third time, with the truck, to pick up this bad boy.


Now he’s home. We just need a rug to set him off.