On our way up to the symposium two weekends ago we stopped by an estate sale and I found just the thing missing from the “kids’ room”: a rocking horse (naturally).

I love this little guy. I’ve seen him on other blogs and Etsy but I have no idea who made him. Mine has an “inspected” sticker on the underside, with what looks to be a crowned G logo that I haven’t been able to identify. Mid-century, wicker and rattan…any vintage toy buffs out there know who made it?

We also scored a router and a chop saw. Soon we will be routing and chopping everything.

Later, on our way back from the symposium we stopped by Community Forklift to poke around (it was a busy day). We found a bathroom sink there. It was incredibly inexpensive ($5!) so it had to come home with us. While bathroom renovations aren’t going to happen for a while, I can’t help but think about what we’ll do in the future and I think this sink will be nice in the hall bathroom. I love the angles and the color. It looks like it could be ’40s vintage but I can’t say for certain. There are no manufacturer’s marks, only some dated stamps on the underside.

It’s dirty as sin but Tannenbaum thinks it’s okay.

Besides buying old stuff, we’ve been busy finding a roofing contractor and raking eight hundred trillion leaves. More on that tomorrow.