This is what our driveway looks like when it rains:


Generally a bad situation (and something we’ve been worrying about it), but made a lot more pressing earlier this week by the heavy rains and flash flood warnings in our area.

Jamie chose to do something about it: he went out and he dug.


He dug along an indentation where we suspected there was a [likely clogged] drainage pipe. This is what he found:


Seems that when Verizon installed the FIOS line to the house, they ran the machinery right through the drain pipe. The black cable running over the pipe is the FIOS line. The pipe looks mangled in this picture—which it is—but it was also cut right through, and full of mud in both directions. Sigh.

So Jamie dug and dug (while I watched from inside) until he had dug enough of a trench that water from driveway started to drain away from the house.


Not very pretty, right? But here’s how our driveway looked on the day the rain stopped:


No puddles! Success! For now.